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Our Team:

Shinobi Muhammad is the Founder, Editor and Chief photographer for Mkovah Magazine. Based in Dallas, TX and originally from Chicago, Il.   Click blue link to see my interview in:

Voyage Dallas Magazine

Ken Dechkhum, is an experienced, professional and creative artist and photographer on the Mkovah team. Assisting with developing shoot ideas and expanding the brand. Based in Dallas, TX originally from Bangkok, Thailand.

Thom Koval, is highly skilled professional artist and photographer with speciality in natural light shooting. Assisting the Mkovah team in developing and expanding brand. Based in Dallas, TX originally from Poland, Europe.

Roy,  is a talented unique photographer out of Canada. A creative artist bringing a different twist to Mkovah Magazine and our new affiliate magazine in Canada.

David Caldera,  is a creative and upcoming photographer from Los Angeles, California. Assisting Mkovah Magazine with expanding and growing the brand on the west coast.


Joe Fregoso,  is another new creative photographer who has a passion of taking his game to a whole other level. Los Angeles, California based and part of the Mkovah Magazine team building the brand.

Paul Henry,  a phenomenal New York photographer with very strong focus on Black and White portraits and editorial shooting. A very significant addition to the Mkovah magazine team.

Recep Ergun,  a talented creative photographer from Istanbul, Turkey with the eye and flair needed to capture the beauty of Turkey. A very significant addition to the Mkovah magazine team.


La'Vencia Serrell, is an experienced and talented creative makeup artist. Primarily responsible for insuring quality prep and beauty presentation of all talent. Based in Dallas, TX

About US

Mkovah Magazine was designed to be an outlet for those in the fashion, model, beauty and photography industry. It was created to give professionals an outlet to be seen on both a national to international platform.

The magazine has one main motto "Inspired by those who re-invent themselves".

This means the magazine is inspired by those who create. Inspired by those who open up new doors to opportunities of growth. Inspired by those who push themselves to the next level. It is a collective effort not based on just you. However, it is based on Power Networking, Building solid relationships, and using creative collaborations to showcase your craft.

Our Story

The magazine was started by Shinobi Muhammad in 2017. He originally founded and ran Urban Mainstream magazine in 2007 which like MKOVAH was a fashion, lifestyle and editorial publication. It reached over 800,000 to 1 million readers/viewers per month.

The big difference now between Urban Mainstream and Mkovah is that it is now premised on affiliate magazines. We currently have 6 affiliate magazines. Dallas, TX (Headquarters), San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Starting January 2019 we will launch new affiliates in New York, Canada and Australia and still growing. Our goal is 20 affiliate magazines by 2019 year end. Currently, reaching over 85,000 plus viewers combined every two months. Our numbers are growing and expected to hit over 300,000 by year end 2019.

We are building a global network affiliation of magazines. These will allow us to launch, influence and promote new talent, brands and ideas from key local global points. This will allow us to strategically capitalize on local to global relationships. Allowing our other products and services to launch i.e. Model Development Program, Digital Multi-Marketing, Global Media Booth and Virtual Fashion Show network. The world is moving fast and the opportunity in this space is virtually unlimited.

Next Steps...

Looking to get featured in Mkovah Magazine. Please contact us direct Attn: Getting Featured