These are our most answered questions?

When is the release date for any of your magazines?

(CLICK HERE) to see upcoming release dates of magazines.

How can I get featured?

Email us directly Simply include how you are looking to be featured. Typically, if you are submitting as a model, photographer, designer, hair stylist or makeup artist. We should be receiving samples of your work. Submit the best professional pics you may have. Included details about you. Be specific and keep in mind that if we reach back out to you then at that time we are interested in you. Message us on Social Media as well @mkovahmagazine (Instagram) or @joinmkovah (Facebook). 


Major Rules of being featured in Mkovah Magazine:

1.) We are not like your regular independent publication. We are a network of affiliate magazines within the U.S. and overseas. Our process due to our growth and expansion plans are specific to our needs only.

2.) Images shot specifically for Mkovah Magazine are not personal shoots. They are shoots exclusively for the use by Mkovah Magazine. You will only have rights to use for social media, portfolio, personal site, comp card and or business card. Images cannot be used by anyone besides Mkovah Magazine for commercial purpose. Images cannot be resold or repurposed without express permission in writing by Mkovah Magazine.

3.) Models cannot post any of our pics online without the Mkovah Magazine or Photography by Shinobi website. There must always be a straight connection to whom shot the picture by posting: or if unsure how very in writing prior.

4.) No person or business may openly promote newly release pages from the magazine until 2 weeks after the release of all magazines in that cycle. If not sure please inquire in writing.

5.) Any person or business featured in magazine must promote the Website and Cover Page of the magazine with verbal or written notification for your fans or supporters to review said publication to see your full feature or pictures. Our goal is with everyone promoting in this way will draw more collective promotion of all in the magazine.

6.) Violating any of the rules in play will forfeit your access to images that bare no logos. We can also choose to remove you from the magazine since we have the ability to change any release publication information when deemed necessary. If we remove you and you have information with any of our covers, logos, etc. we can legally have you to "cease or desist" from publicly using that content.

7.) All policies or rules exist for very valid reasons. Our intention is to have you fully and properly be involved yet equally accountable.

8.) TEARSHEETS or proof of publishing can be downloaded direct from the magazine once published.

9.) All credits will be removed from any promotions or placement in the magazine up to replacing all of your images in the magazine. This will de-validate your published work. This will only happen if you copy pages from magazine and promote them before the 2 weeks expires for us and you to promote the magazine. You promote us and we promote you. You focus primarily on you and violate guidelines then we enforce our policy.

Participation Expectation for models

Models in general we ask that you follow the talent release instructions for promoting. Things to consider. We need mode designers, boutiques, makeup artist, hairstylists and locations to shoot. Keep in mind networking is fundamental. Help us get what we need so we can give you more of what you need. Please don’t have us to ask you to help where you know help is needed if you are involved with the magazine. 

We need models promoting every post related to the magazine and photography shoots. Activity and support needs to be seen from all to justify participation. All working with us have access to to know how to promote or suggest involvement with us. Be more aggressive and more hungry for opportunities. This is not all about taking pictures. The more you help the more opportunities will exist for you. The less you help the more we struggle to assist you in what should be very easy to accomplish. Take self initiative as this is the first lesson in the business of collaboration. 

Extra services: 

We are not obligated to retouch images. The only ones going forward you will receive are those retouched specifically for the magazine and promo. All others we are not under any obligation to retouch. Comp cards, business card and print portfolio design and execution is at discretion and additional cost to model. Those are extra services by which we can offer our assistance at a cost. This also applies to those in model development program. 

What will I get for shooting with Mkovah?

The primary things are exposure, further development of your craft, networking opportunities and tearsheet (proof of work). Plus, extra images as allowed for your portfolio, lookbook, or self promotions.


Mkovah Magazine Print and Digital Releases

Mkovah Magazine is an online digital circulated magazine with over 92,000 viewers and growing. 12 affiliate magazines as of Jan 2019 in Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Turkey. Growing to an addition 4 by end of 2019. Adding Virtual Fashion Shows via live stream, and other online show content related to fashion, lifestyle and social media.


We currently have launched the ability for Print On Demand copies of issues from Oct 2018 to current issues. Due to the high cost of print and its cost vs our ability to reach and grow to over 200,000 viewers print was never a general option for us. Having print would be taking us backwards when all other technology and the way people explore content is online. However, many want that souvenir to show they were in a magazine. Now, we offer a high quality professional print copy for those supporters who wish to order it. See VIDEO: CHECK OUT MAG then you can See VIDEO: HOW TO VIEW AND SHARE and Finally you can view GET FEATURED video  just click on above highlighted links.

To Order: Cost $20 per issue plus shipping/handling varies on where it is to be shipped from Dallas, Texas 75024. Order deadline date is the 9th of every other month starting February 9th 2019. To place an order send email to:  Send your Name, Issue #, City or Country of Affiliate magazine (will be at bottom of magazine), How many copies,  Mailing Address and include your Cell phone number so we can text you when order ships. Indicate how you want to pay: Cashapp or Paypal. A payment request will be sent once we process your request. You must pay the invoice before we confirm your order request. It takes 2 weeks from time we submit orders on 9th before we receive shipment.

Do you have to be signed to an agency?

No you do not. We accept non-agency models for shoots as long as they fit our needs. All agencies are not accepted.

Rules for Shooting?

When you book a test shoot or regular shoot. Please be on time. Normally, if you are late our photographers will just leave since being professional and on time is a mandatory expectation. No Exceptions. There is a 90% chance we will not schedule you for any future shoots. When a person is a no-show or comes late they indicate to us the level of their seriousness.

What to bring:

Test Shoots:  We expect two to three basic outfits. Please be fashion conscious get ideas from Google or Youtube for what to wear. We want to see your understanding without our direction regarding fashion and shooting.

Regular shoots: We expect you to bring whatever season outfits are requested. Some direction will be provided on this.


Do not show up with half done hair, makeup or wrinkled or half put together clothes. It is very sad to see the lack of care in this area by women especially who are models.  Invest in yourself. Learn how to do makeup and hair or be able to have someone to assist you. Test and screening shoots often are not the place for us to experiment with half prepared models.

Ongoing shoots often will apply the services of our mua and hair. Plus, optional opportunities of shoots with designers and boutiques. However, that will not always be the case. All models must push themselves to be as self sufficient as possible. If you are a woman in modeling and can't invest in learning makeup and basic hair styling just stop modeling. These are self maintenance items.





How do I get my child featured in MKOVAH KIDS?

Screening for kids are in stages. Ages 2- 12 years of age. Submit 2 clear images (professional images not necessary). Email to: attn: Mkovah Kids. Review the two links below. One is the Screening overview (updates regularly) and the other is the Child Talent Release and details.






Why should my child get involved with MKOVAH youth project?

The youth project of Mkovah Magazine involves both the Mkovah Kids & Mkovah Teen magazine. We call it our "Self Image" project. This project is designed to inspire and impress upon every child a sense of purpose. Allow them a way to be positive examples for their peers. Mkovah Magazine is all about sharing purpose and ideas that inspire, transform and elevate all who come in their space. Diversity,  Purpose, and Self Image. KNOW MORE PLEASE  (CLICK LINK)


Cost Associated with Self Image Model Program?

There is a $50 per month cost for a single child. Households with multiple children enrolled is $35 per child per month. Program consist for twice monthly shoots to develop child for modeling, posing, ongoing placement in Mkovah Kids and Mkovah Teens section in magazines. Emphasis on working within diverse environment, positive self image building, team building and fashion and styling. Parents get to build on parenting principles with program. Guidance on building child model portfolio for submissions to agencies and castings. Assisting child various comfort levels and situations while shooting photography and video. Our belief is that Self Image (how someone sees themselves) is key in developing a young person's Self Actualization ( how they project themselves to others and the world).