Subscription Based Ad Placement

We are currently developing subscription based marketing packages for small designers, beauty professionals and others in the industry.

Expanding Your Reach

Our number one goal is to get more eyes on your brand or to know more about you. The digital magazine can deliver at a higher rate than print. Working for you 24hrs a day.

Budgeting Your Options

We are committed at looking at ways to make your marketing low cost. The more you can stretch your small marketing budget the more you can make those dollars work for you.

Imagine Advertising Subscription that...

  • Allow you to market every month. Locally or Nationwide via affiliate magazines of Mkovah.
  • Allow you to show beautiful presentation of your work. As a subscription member you can have us shoot your product or service or submit your own high quality images.
  • Allow you to give customers or others a way to buy direct just by clicking on a link within the magazine.
  • Allow you to combine all social media, online store, video and story about you and your brand all in one publication.

The industry and technology is moving fast!

Currently, Mkovah Magazine has reached over 195,000 readers/viewers for our bi-monthly runs. Those numbers are growing as we expand our efforts. It took us 2 years with Urban Mainstream to hit those numbers. Based on our current growth we will be around 800,000 plus monthly readers/viewers within next 18 months.

Next Steps...

This is an opportunity to get your brand or service seen by more people. Contact us direct at mkovahmagazine@gmail.comĀ  Attn: Marketing